The Cordillera Huayhuash: A Trek to End All Treks

“Darren and I decided to scramble farther. The exposure and difficulty took me outside my comfort zone, but the rock was solid and I was always able to push forward. It was an excellent scramble. We were eventually turned back by a difficult down climb onto the glacier. We didn’t have the gear to continue, but it was a minor defeat. We enjoyed a lunch of our last mandarin and a “Sublime” chocolate bar, our staple snack in Peru. The peaks of the Huayhuash awed us with their impressive relief, sharp rocky ridges, snowy spines, and cascading icefalls.”

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Volcan Chimborazo 6217m: En El Techo del Mundo

“Feeling the effects of the altitude as you climb higher can be the hardest part as you are constantly assessing how you feel against the symptoms of HACE and HAPE. Luckily for me, it appears that I have been blessed with a very short memory. In the darkness I always struggle against the desire to return to the comfort below, but when the sun’s light comes I always feel renewed and energized. So far I’m still coming back for more.”

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Laguna Quilotoa, Ecuador

March 25th, 2016 After hearing great things from some friends who hiked the Quilotoa circuit I decided to check out Laguna Quilotoa and hike around the perimeter of the spectacular crater lake. I was glad I did. Here are some of my favourite pictures. T

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Cotopaxi National Park

“On an impulse I turned North instead of South in search of a better look at the volcano. The road was bad and washboarded but I was rewarded with one of the most spectacular drives of the trip. I couldn’t resist a little camper photoshoot in front of Cotopaxi as it got clearer and clearer.”

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