Cotopaxi National Park

“On an impulse I turned North instead of South in search of a better look at the volcano. The road was bad and washboarded but I was rewarded with one of the most spectacular drives of the trip. I couldn’t resist a little camper photoshoot in front of Cotopaxi as it got clearer and clearer.”


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Silvia Indigenous Market

“It’s only recently becoming popular with tourists who come to see the market and the beautiful indigenous Guambino people in the beautiful Switzerland like mountain setting. The Guambino dress very distinctively in beautiful blue ponchos, skirts (for women and men), and black felt bowler hats. The only sign of western influence is their love for Timberland boots, which everyone seemed to be wearing.”

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Carnaval in Barranquilla

The world’s second largest Carnaval is held in Barranquilla, Colombia. We hadn’t really planned on going, but our new friends Dylan, Chris, and Cole from Washingtone that we shared a container with from Panama to Colombia with had arranged to stay at a farm about an hour outside of town and bus in for the event. […]

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Bogota By Bicycle

After dropping the camper off for loading at port in Colon, Panama we caught a flight to Bogota. We had some time to kill before the camper arrived at port in Cartagena and we decided to spend it there, in Colombia’s biggest city. We found accommodation in La Candelaria (Bogota’s old town) at the beautiful […]

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Boquete, Panama

With the exception of Panama City, Boquete was really our only stop in Panama. I think it would have been hard to pick a better one. Boquete, which means “gap” in spanish is beautifully situated in a lush mountain landscape. We happened to hit it for the annual flower and coffee festival and the place […]

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Uvita, Costa Rica

The unfortunate reality of traveling is that it’s impossible to see everything. After finishing a month and a half in Nicaragua my dad and I elected to move quickly through Costa Rica and Panama. We arranged for container shipping from Colon, Panama to Caragena, Colombia in two weeks and hit the road south from Nicaragua. […]

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El Gigante, Nicaragua

After sorting out my lost drivers license in Granada we headed to El Gigante to meet up with my friend Tess. This would be our last stop in Nicaragua before hitting the road to make the departure date for our container ship from Panama to Colombia two weeks later. El Gigante is small and charming […]

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Granada, Nicaragua

The colonial centrepiece of Nicaragua, Granada is a charming city. Here you can spend your days wandering the streets and taking in colonial architecture, watch the sunset from a cathedral, head to the Choco museum for the incredible all you can eat breakfast, or head out to the Granada Isletas by kayak or boat tour. Granada offers a […]

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San Juan Party On

San Juan del Sur is the undisputed party capital of Nicaragua, where every night’s bigger than the last and you’re likely to wake up hung over to within an inch of your life after “Sunday Funday” with a new tattoo courtesy of your drunk friends who somehow got their hands on the tattoo gun. In […]

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