Tossing Choss on Nevado Chicón 5530m

“The ridge was exposed on both sides and crumbling, making sure footing hard to come by. At one point we looked back to see a bar fridge sized boulder that we had all presumably just stood on fall off the top and trundle down the valley. Overcoming alarm bells howling in my head, I pressed on after Darren and Derek.”


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The Cordillera Huayhuash: A Trek to End All Treks

“Darren and I decided to scramble farther. The exposure and difficulty took me outside my comfort zone, but the rock was solid and I was always able to push forward. It was an excellent scramble. We were eventually turned back by a difficult down climb onto the glacier. We didn’t have the gear to continue, but it was a minor defeat. We enjoyed a lunch of our last mandarin and a “Sublime” chocolate bar, our staple snack in Peru. The peaks of the Huayhuash awed us with their impressive relief, sharp rocky ridges, snowy spines, and cascading icefalls.”

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