Welcome to Guatemala

Immediately upon crossing the border from Mexico to Guatemala we felt a change in the air. Things seemed a little bit more helter skelter, and a little bit edgier. Welcome to Central America. Guatemala doesn’t have the best reputation for safety, so we were a little on edge too, or at least extra vigilant. We […]

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Ruby’s Place at Lagos de Colon

Our jumping off point from Mexico to Guatemala was the excellent Lagos de Colon. It’s a natural waterpark popular with locals that also features some Mayan ruins. We arrived late, and were searching for a spot to park in the dark when we passed a small guesthouse on the road. A friendly looking gentleman waved […]

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The Summit in the Stars

“Traveling alone again I made quick progress navigating by moonlight. Although it was retreating, the storm was still raging in the distance. Lightning strikes periodically illuminated the glacier, punctuating the soft moonlight. The air was very still. It was a surreal experience to be so exposed on the side of the volcano in the proximity of nature’s fury.”

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Kicking Back in Chapala

It was a long journey overland from Mexico’s Pacific Coast to Pico de Orizaba. Luckily for us we got to break it up with a visit to Jessa’s uncle’s place in Chapala. Always a character and a (frequently) self proclaimed red neck, Gord and his lovely companion Christina were great hosts. We ended up staying a week in […]

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Surfing Mexico’s Pacific Coast

“I popped up, leaned forward, and dropped in for a long ride on the best wave of my life. It was a feeling like skiing a perfect untouched line of bottomless powder snow, a combination of adrenaline rush and elation. In that moment I got the surf bug, and I got it bad. We surfed juicy rights all to ourselves until it was too dark to see.”

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In the Backyard

First off, apologies to everyone out there for the increment between this post and last. Some epic friend adventures in Nicaragua, followed by starting med school back in Vancouver, has made it hard to sit down long enough to get all my thoughts on here. But now that I’m able to really sit down its […]

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