Welcome to my blog Roll. This is my platform to share the great blogs written by the many amazing people that I have met along the way.

  • We met these guys way back in Alaska, they are riding the PanAmerican on bicycles. The blog is in German, but you can translate it to english.
  •  Jeff and Jahliele crossed paths with us in Guatemala. They are driving the PanAmerican in an ’82 Westfalia.
  • We stayed at Katche’s awesome farm Finca el Carmen outside of Barranquilla while we were there for Carnaval. She was a great host and really made the experience special. She’s also a great phototgrapher, check out her Tumblr!
  • We shared a container over the gap with Washingtonians Dylan, Chris, and Cole who are riding the PanAmerican on motorcycles. We ended up doing Carnaval in Barranquilla with them and had a blast. Check out their Tumblr for stories from their journey.