Into The Frey

July 31st – August 4th, 2016 Picture, if you will, a small hut situated on the doorstep of an endless mountain playground. A masterpiece of stone masonry where climbers, skiers, and mountaineers from around the world congregate to take their turn on the jungle gyms. This is a place where craft beer is brewed and available on tap, and tasty pizzas are served […]

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Lessons in Buddhism on Volcan Puyehue

“A flag went up in my mind right away. Could this be the volcano from All I Can? Some more digging confirmed that the Volcano in question was in fact the one from the film and, contrary to what Sherpas Cinema would lead us to believe, the crater was still very much in tact. Puyehue did erupt spectacularly in 2012, but it was in a different smaller crater elsewhere on the mountain. Jessa and I both agreed that we had to go and check it out.”

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Volcan Osorno, Patagonia

“Volcan Osorno is one of the most aesthetic volcanoes in Chile, often likened to Mount Fuji in Japan. As I think the photos included here will illustrate, it’s easy to see why. For me Osorno held another, more personal, significance. It was the first volcano that we skied in the Patagonian Lakes District. This meant that 14 months after starting our Panamerican journey we had officially arrived in Patagonia.”

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Blue Skies on Volcan Lonquimay, 2865m

“The ridge was a mix of rock, firm snow, and icy sections, overall good conditions for crampons. Near the summit it was more icy and there was some exposure. I wished I had a rope to short rope Jessa as it was her first steep climb with crampons. We discussed the risk together and decided to finish the last 50m to the 2865m summit of Volcán Lonquimay. Jessa was rock solid and crushed one of her first ski mountaineering ascents.”

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